The Asia Pacific region is one of the most powerful business regions in the world, and is home to some of the largest and forward-thinking firms on the globe. This vast region is also a hub for a huge and varied range of global sectors, among them manufacturing, tourism, communications and technology.

The APAC Insider Business Awards 2016 to seek out the very best firms, departments, individuals and initiatives from across the Asia Pacific region to reward and celebrate their innovation, client care and performance over the past twelve months.

As with all of our programmes, these awards are based exclusively on merit. We have a dedicated in-house research team who leave no stone unturned to ensure that each of our award winners are confident that their accolade is truly deserved. All the information gathered will then be passed to our judging panel who will review each file and select only the very best.

In order to ensure that these awards showcase the very best from across the Asia Pacific region we need your votes. You are welcome to vote for yourself, a colleague or a peer that you believe has worked diligently to ensure the best possible results. Also, feel free to share the voting form as you see fit.


Business Awards 2016

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